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Get involved: learn how you can become an agent of change.


Visit Us

Although we are still in the development stage of our Sanctuary, we gladly accept visitors who schedule their visit at least 48hrs prior. There is no cover fee, but donations are welcome to help cover maintenance costs. We are also working on putting together a volunteer program, so stay tuned for new opportunities!

Sponsor a resident

An opportunity to make an difference in another beings life. Your monthly donations will help us provide the donee with  everything they require to live a healthy, happy life, as well as supporting our operations fund. You will receive a digital certificate, along with photos, videos of your new friend, and more!


Email us at to sponsor a resident.

Sponser a friend

Share the word

The easiest way to support our works is by sharing the word with your friends. Send them the link to our website, tag them in our posts or encourage others to include us in their itinerary when visiting Monteverde, Costa Rica. 

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